A fond farewell to 10 years of support from The Myles Trust

For the last 10 years, the wonderful Myles Trust supported young people on our programme Snow Camp, where they have gone from complete beginners to qualified instructors in just 1 year.

The Trust was set up in memory of Myles Robinson (pictured below), who tragically passed away in Wengen, Switzerland in 2009. With the family now feeling that it’s the right time to close the Trust and move on to other things, we wanted to celebrate the huge impact Sarah and the Robinson family have had on many young lives over the years in Myles’ name.

The Myles Trust

Our Founder and Director, Dan Charlish said: “Sarah and The Myles Trust first started supporting Snow Camp when we were just starting to run our full journey of programmes in London. It has been amazing to grow the charity over the years with the Trust’s continued support. I hope that the Robinson family can look back at all they have achieved with Snow Camp with pride and with the knowledge that they have changed so many young lives for the better. Thank you Sarah for your support, you will always be part of the Snow Camp family!”

The Trust has generously supported the following young people (pictured below from top left to bottom right) Bethany Kane, Daniel O’Leary, Ellie Hearne, Savannah Simms, David Wahba, Aimeé Hudgell, Brandon Morgan, Asher Alex-Maye, Karl Usher, Jonjoe Boulter, Cain Haidarah, Sammy Amiri, Tashan Veal and Charlotte Poole.

The Myles Trust

We have been sent some lovely recent updates from some of the young people below:

“Hello, my name is Ellie! I was a young person on at Snow Camp who received funding through your Trust. I am very sad to hear about the Trust closing. I was so excited when I found out I would be put through the Snow Camp courses and I’m so very thankful.

Before Snow Camp I had never skied before, let alone seen the mountains! I was quite terrible at first, but now I can ski quite well, snowboard and fully teach my own lessons! On the last stage of Snow Camp programmes we visited Aosta, Italy to ski. Before the residential had even finished I was asking to sign up as an apprentice for the charity!

During my time as an apprentice I and 4 other apprentices guided a new year of young people through the programmes we worked through. I was lucky enough to get a work placement at an indoor slope in London called Chel-Ski. I had so much fun working there, I learnt how to run lessons, gained more knowledge about skiing and worked on my own skiing. After a few months at Chel-Ski they took me on as an employee! April of last year I was put forward to do my BASI Level 1 Ski Instructor exam, it was a weeklong I passed!

After passing my BASI exam I wanted to go to the mountains and do a season. So I looked at places to go and I found a place to work called Petit Verbier, it’s a nanny company. I went to Verbier last season! I had so much fun and made so many friends! Definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth! Thank you for supporting Snow Camp throughout the years! Thank you.” – Ellie Hearne.

“Hi The Myles Trust, my name is Asher Alexander-Maye and a few years back the Trust gave me a bursary to learn how to ski. I’d like to thank you sincerely as the step you made to help me made my future steps a lot easier to take! Once I completed Snow Camp’s instructor course and returned from the ski trip to Italy, I applied for Snow Camp’s apprenticeship course. That gave me a chance improve my own skills while also teaching another year of new young people whose shoes I was in just before.

On the apprenticeship we travelled to Italy, France and few more places along the way. Those trips and the time we spent in Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre with the young people teaching skiing and snowboarding, improved us tremendously allowing us to move forward and go for our BASI exam, which I passed too. Towards the end of the apprenticeship I was doing my shadowing hours as well as work experience in a place called Chel-Ski. I enjoyed it so much and the people I was working with could see that, so once my apprenticeship with Snow Camp finished I was offered an instructor a job. From that day onwards I was a qualified ski instructor, teaching complete strangers in an environment without snow but I loved it. On my days off I would still volunteer with Snow Camp and help out as much as I could, this was my life for two whole years without taking any holidays etc… I was just happy.

It then came to time when I decided to have a break and some me time, to just really appreciate what I’ve accomplished in the last couple years. Which didn’t last long as I missed skiing a lot, so I decided to be as helpful as I could be on the weekends or even a weekday with Snow Camp. A year later I was re-employed at Chel-Ski as I missed teaching and I felt like I was forgetting how to do certain things, I then picked it up very quickly and it felt like I never left.

I’d just like to thank every single person involved in The Myles Trust as you didn’t just change my life and future, but you also changed a lot of people’s hearts and minds with your kindness and generosity. So, from the bottom of my heart and soul I’d like to thank you for allowing me to embark onto the journey of snowsports while helping me become a better man in the process. Thank You.” – Asher Alexander-Maye

“Really sad to hear that The Myles Trust is closing, they have been an amazing Trust and a massive influence on a lot of people’s futures, including mine. I used to be a really shy individual, having been able to experience Snow Camp has given me a lot of confidence to go out and try something new. I now know that if I do lack confidence in working with people sometimes, I can overcome that feeling. Currently I’m doing a few things, I work for an engineering company but I’m in the process of starting up my own business! The confidence Snow Camp gave me has helped me to be confident enough to set it up.” – David Wahba

“Hi, my name is Karl Usher and I’m really grateful for the opportunity The Myles Trust gave me back in 2014 to take part in the Snow Camp courses. I’m sad to hear that the Trust is closing down and would like to say thank everyone that made this happen for me.

Back in 2014, when the opportunity was presented to me I would have never in a million years would have thought that I would learn to snowboard. I thought that it would only be something I would see on tv and wouldn’t give it a second thought as it being something I could do. Once I was I started learning with Snow Camp I started to fall in love with it. By pushing my limits of not liking snow and having a fear of heights, I was able not only to finish the courses but do finish them to a high standard where I gained a BASI Level 1!

Once I completed the apprenticeship course with Snow Camp it opened a door for me to work with a ski holiday operator called Skiworld. Skiworld really allowed me to see the different parts to the ski/snowboarding industry due to me working with the HR, marketing and sales teams in London. They also let me go to France to see how working as chalet host would be. This was truly a unbelievable experience and one I will never forget and will always be proud of!!! Thank you to The Myles Trust for helping to make it happen!” – Karl Usher

Thank you once again to The Myles Trust for all your support over the years, you have had a life-changing impact on so many young lives and we can’t thank you enough.